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About Us

It is our philosophy at Carpenter’s Kids and South Haven Baptist Church that each child is uniquely made with special strengths, interests and learning styles. We hope and pray your child:

  • Feels accepted, loved and wanted

  • Learns to accept and understand his/her own feelings and those of others

  • Learns the freedom that results in respecting authority

  • Experiences success, gains self-confidence, and develops independence and personal responsibility

As Jesus loves and values the uniqueness of each child, we at Carpenter’s Kids and South Haven Baptist Church believe it is our ministry to do the same. We believe God has created each child with much potential, and we strive to celebrate the uniqueness of each one of His creations. Therefore, we set goals to make the most of each individual.

  • We want to work with families to help each child feel accepted and loved at school.

  • We want each child to gain self-confidence, to have opportunities to develop independence, and to take personal responsibility for making wise choices.

  • We want to help children develop a sense of values and to appreciate God and His creation.

  • By providing successful experiences, we hope to build a foundation that says learning is fun and I can do it!


“Let the children come to me. Then Jesus took the children into His arms and placed His hands on their heads and He blessed them."
      Mark 10:14-16


Our Curriculum

“Teach these things to your children as you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up."          Deuteronomy 6:7

Class Environment

Deuteronomy 6:7 shows us that learning takes place at different times of the day and in different settings. It is for this reason that we divide our classrooms into learning centers. The centers include language, blocks, art, puzzles, books, math, science, and both fine motor and gross motor activities. In our environment we hope the budding artist can begin their masterpieces, the young scientist can explore and predict, the emerging writer can represent their ideas. We pray we provide the environment to allow your child to grow.

Our classes offer opportunities for directed play at learning centers, group time with stories and songs, snack time and outside play. Age appropriate activities are used to enhance learning and activities are varied for different learning styles and interests. Class sizes are small enough for children to talk and share with their peers and with their teacher. Each class is self-contained and staffed with a capable teacher who holds at least a four-year college degree. Teachers are encouraged to stay abreast of current early childhood research and information and to participate in regular in-service training.

Class Sizes:

2-yr-old classes: 6 students

3-yr-old classes: 10 students

4-yr-old (pre-K)): 12 students

Kindergarten: 16 students

Director's Message

On behalf of Carpenter’s Kids and South Haven Baptist Church, I want to welcome you! Carpenter’s Kids has been ministering to the needs of preschoolers since 1981.  I have had the pleasure of being in the halls of Carpenter’s Kids since 2010, first as  teacher and then director. Carpenter’s Kids is a special place where we aspire for children to always feel loved, accepted, and successful.

The vision of Carpenter’s Kids Preschool and Kindergarten is to encourage children in their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development. We do this with a developmental style of teaching which translates into hands-on learning. We believe children learn through doing. Our goal is, while meeting their educational needs, to fill the days with unconditional love for your children and family.

As a team, we hope your children are immersed with wonderful memories of Carpenter’s Kids classes and traditional special events. Your children and family are important to me and my door is always open to you!

Andrea Lovelace


Features and Services

  • Door-to-door drop off/pickup service provides parents the opportunity to remain in their car while we safely escort your child into the building and to their classroom. The same is done when it is time to pick up your child. This service is by no means mandatory. It is a service we provide to help and assist you on cold, rainy days, or when you have a car full of other children. Plus it is fun, quick and exciting for your children!

  • Secured facility provides locked doors on all Carpenter’s Kids halls. Our main office is carefully watching our security cameras to insure only designated family and friends are allowed in our halls.

  • Fire  & tornado drills are organized and calmly planned quarterly. South Haven has a basement where cover  from tornados would be taken if needed.

  • Gross motor play is an important part of any child’s day. Carpenter’s Kids offers two outdoor playgrounds for our children. Our church grounds also provide many opportunities for nature hikes or outside picnics. When it is cold outside we have a full gym for  indoor play. We have lots of gym equipment for our use, such as bouncy balls, basketballs, parachutes, obstacle courses….  Our play equipment is designed with the gross motor needs of preschoolers in mind.

  • Unique family time will be offered to all Carpenter’s Kids families. We have many special events that welcome you and your family to enjoy time together in our halls.

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