3 Day Preschool

This is the tuition payment for 3 day preschool.

This includes:

3 year old M/W/F

4 & 5 year old M/W/F


Make sure to add child's name and the month of tuition this payment is going towards. 


If you have more than one child enrolled in a 3 day preschool class, please add another of this payment option to your cart but make sure to have the child's names different.


Early and Extended Care payments are added by going back and adding the correct amount of hours option from the Early and Extended payment option. 


Add all payments to your cart and check out all at once!

3 Day Preschool

Online Transaction Fee of 2.9%

    Carpenter's Kids Preschool & Kindergarten

    South Haven Baptist Church

    2353 S. Campbell Ave; Springfield, MO

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