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Features and Services

  • Door to door drop off/pick up service provides parents the opportunity to remain in their car while we safely escort your child into the building and to their classroom. The same is done when it is time to pick up your child. This service is by no means mandatory. It is a service we provide to help and assist you on cold, rainy days, or when you have a car full of other children. Plus it is fun, quick and exciting for your children!
  • Secured facility provides locked doors on all Carpenter’s Kids halls. Our main office is carefully watching our security cameras to insure only designated family and friends are allowed in our halls.
  • Fire drills are organized and calmly planned every month. We will also run tornado drills every semester. South Haven Baptist church has a basement where cover would be taken if needed.
  • Gross motor play is an important part of any child’s day. Carpenter’s Kids offers two out door playgrounds for our children. Our church grounds also provide many opportunities for nature hikes or outside picnics. When it is cold outside we have a full gym indoors for play. We have lots of gym equipment for our use, such as bouncy balls, basketballs, parachutes…
  • Unique family time will be offered to all Carpenter’s Kids families. We have many special events that welcome you and your family to enjoy time together in our halls.

About Us

Parent Volunteers

Many of these events provide opportunities for parents to volunteer time in our Carpenter's Kids halls. When these opportunities arise we'll send a note home in your child's backpack for you to fill out and return to our office.

Five aspects of development