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About Us

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy at Carpenter’s Kids and South Haven Baptist Church that each child is uniquely made with special strengths, interests and learning styles. We hope and pray your child:

  • Feels accepted, loved and wanted
  • Learns to accept and understand his/her own feelings and those of others
  • Learns the freedom that results in respecting authority
  • Experiences success, gains self-confidence, and develops independence and personal responsibility

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We want our children to daily experience success, gain self-confidence, and develop independence and responsibility. It is for this reason that we divide our classrooms into learning centers. The centers include language, blocks, art, puzzles, books, math, science, and both fine motor and gross motor activities. In our environment we hope the budding artist can begin their masterpieces, the young scientist can explore and predict, the emerging writer can represent their ideas. We pray we provide the environment to allow your child to grow.

Class Environment

Our classes offer opportunities for directed play at learning centers, group time with stories and songs, snack time and outside play. Age appropriate activities are used to enhanced learning and activities are varied for different learning styles and interests. Class sizes are small enough for children to talk and share with their peers and with their teacher. Each class is self-contained and staffed with a capable teacher who holds at least a four-year college degree. Teachers are encouraged to stay abreast of current early childhood research and information and to participate in regular in-service training.

About Us

Parent Volunteers

Many of these events provide opportunities for parents to volunteer time in our Carpenter's Kids halls. When these opportunities arise we'll send a note home in your child's backpack for you to fill out and return to our office.

Five aspects of development